First Community Credit Union - Wahpeton

First Community Credit Union - Wahpeton

This building serves as a new identity for an established Credit Union in Wahpeton. It is in an area with new commercial development along the Highway 200 Bypass. The building is constructed as a slab-on-grade, masonry-veneered, wood frame structure. Site development consisted of an irrigated landscape, drive-through area, and parking lot. A garage, detached but complementary in appearance to the main structure, serves as storage for files and repossessed equipment. Development of a new city street - Wheatland Drive - was included as part of the project.


  • Location - Wahpeton, ND
  • Square Footage - 600 s.f. + 864 s.f. for garage
  • Estimate - $1.0 million
  • Bid - $938,674
  • Final cost - $970,483


  • Daryl Bachmeier - Project Manager/Lead Design
  • Jeffrey Morrau - Coordination/Quality Control


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